When designing your own completed frame, one of the aspects is whether to use a window mountboard or something else that will create a gap between the artwork and the glass. If there is not a gap, then it's possible that the picture will stick to the glass and separating the two might damage the artwork.

As well as protecting the picture, there are other benefits to using window mountboards and a specific gain is giving your picture an alternative visual feel. There are a variety of ways in which they can be designed. Perhaps your piece of art needs to be shown in a rectangle or squared window mountboard, yet maybe in an oval or circle. More than one aperture can be cut into a single window mountboard, which allows more than one picture to be shown. In another example, more than one window mountboard can be used and the respective aperture sizes will alter the visual appearance. As for the measurement of the mountboard and its aperture, decimal or imperial can be used.

Dependent upon the composition, combination and characteristics of papers and paper boards the Fine Art Trade Guild has divided the mountboards into different types. They're Standard Mountboards, Conservation Mountboards and Cotton Museum Mountboards. Standard Mountboards are cost effective, albeit have a minimum manufactural structure compared to the others. This hence means they're not suitable for original paintings, limited edition prints, medium to higher priced artworks and perhaps any that have a sentimental value to you.

Most mountboards, based on colour, are produced in the three different types and those shown in the Colours page will indicate their type. If you either want more information or another mountboard that isn't shown, please contact us. To show further how window mountboards compliment artwork, you'll see a call button per mountboard. By clicking on it you'll see, below that specific colour, the mountboard surrounding a photograph.

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If though you're aware of the mountboard or mountboards you require, please contact us and we will reply with the price.

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