To help you select your design, we've grouped them in their specific categories and beside the link you'll see a number that indicates the number of mouldings within that group. When looking at the wood please note that grain and colour can alter. The measurements are shown in millimetre, yet the inches are shown in brackets. If you see a moulding, yet would prefer that in either a larger or smaller size, please ask us if that is possible. If you've selected your moulding then inform us of the measurements and we'll subsequently provide you with the price.

N.B. If the name of a particular moulding has a line running through it, sadly that is no longer available. Soon another moulding will take its place. The reason the deleted moulding is still shown is twofold. First, someone might have selected it and are returning to ALB-Framing's site to re-select and if so, sorry this has happened. Secondly a replacement has not been found and a blank space might make the page look unattractive.

Mountboards ~ Glass

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