Please note that the colours might be slightly different to what your monitor shows, yet not drastically. If you would like to know the price of any, please let us know the measurements and then contact us.

Angled Limed Dark Grey
16mm (⅝") Angled Limed Dark Grey
Angled Limed Natural
16mm (⅝") Angled Limed Natural
Angled Limed Green
16mm (⅝") Angled Limed Green
Angled Limed Brown
16mm (⅝") Angled Limed Brown
Angled Limed Blue
16mm (⅝") Angled Limed Blue
Angled Limed Light Grey
16mm (⅝") Angled Limed Light Grey
Angled Limed Red
16mm (⅝") Angled Limed Red
Angled Limed Orange
16mm (⅝") Angled Limed Orange
Dark Green Grey Wash Gold Line
16mm (⅝") Dark Green Grey Wash Gold Line
Square Deep Red Pine
19mm (¾") Square Deep Red Pine
Square Dark Green Pine
19mm (¾") Square Dark Green Pine
Square Dark Blue Pine
19mm (¾") Square Dark Blue Pine
Dark Brown Cushion
22mm (⅞") Dark Brown Cushion
Green Cushion
22mm (⅞") Green Cushion
Blue Cushion
22mm (⅞") Blue Cushion
Grey Cushion
22mm (⅞") Grey Cushion
Aged Grey Scoop
16mm (⅝") Aged Grey Scoop
Dark Blue Cushion
22mm (⅞") Dark Blue Cushion
Limed Charcoal
22mm (⅞") Limed Charcoal
Limed Red
22mm (⅞") Limed Red
Limed Green
22mm (⅞") Limed Green
Limed Blue
22mm (⅞") Limed Blue
Limed Pale Green
22mm (⅞") Limed Pale Green
Light Blue Mottle Silver Edge
22mm (⅞") Light Blue Mottle Silver Edge
Hockey Limed Pink
16mm (⅝") Hockey Limed Pink
Hockey Limed Blue
16mm (⅝") Hockey Limed Blue
Hockey Limed Green
16mm (⅝") Hockey Limed Green
Rough Grey Bright Silver Edge
25mm (1") Rough Grey Bright Silver Edge
Green Cushion Raised Gold Edge
25mm (1") Green Cushion Raised Gold Edge
Distressed Brown Shallow Scoop
25mm (1") Distressed Brown Shallow Scoop
Dark Blue Reverse
25mm (1") Dark Blue Reverse
Yellow Reverse
25mm (1") Yellow Reverse
Red Reverse
25mm (1") Red Reverse
Plum Reverse
25mm (1") Plum Reverse
Limed Green Reverse
32mm (1¼") Limed Green Reverse
Limed Blue Reverse
32mm (1¼") Limed Blue Reverse
Stepped Light Green White Lines
29mm (1⅛") Stepped Light Green White Lines
Stepped Brown White Lines
29mm (1⅛") Stepped Brown White Lines
Stepped Grey White Lines
29mm (1⅛") Stepped Grey White Lines
Textured Grey Silver Edge
29mm (1⅛") Textured Grey Silver Edge
Textured Brown Gold Edge
29mm (1⅛") Textured Brown Gold Edge
Textured Putty Silver Edge
29mm (1⅛") Textured Putty Silver Edge
Grey Bevel White Fleck
38mm (1½") Grey Bevel White Fleck
Square Brown with Worm
38mm (1½") Square Brown with Worm
Flat Old Silver Rust Wash Raised Sight
44mm (1¾") Flat Old Silver Rust Wash Raised Sight
Light Brown/Silver Slope
38mm (1½") Light Brown/Silver Slope
Blue/Silver Slope
38mm (1½") Blue/Silver Slope
Red/Silver Slope
38mm (1½") Red/Silver Slope
Ornate Ivory Scoop
50mm (2") Ornate Ivory Scoop
Ornate Grey Scoop
50mm (2") Ornate Grey Scoop
Ornate Dark Brown Scoop
50mm (2") Ornate Dark Brown Scoop
Olive Grey Stepped Scoop
50mm (2") Olive Grey Stepped Scoop
Light Grey Stepped Scoop
50mm (2") Light Grey Stepped Scoop
Blue Stepped Scoop
50mm (2") Blue Stepped Scoop
Black/Silver Angular Reverse
60mm (2⅜") Black/Silver Angular Reverse
Beige/Silver Angular Reverse
60mm (2⅜") Beige/Silver Angular Reverse
Grey/Silver Angular Reverse
60mm (2⅜") Grey/Silver Angular Reverse

Ash ~ Beech ~ Koto ~ Lime ~ Maple ~ Oak ~ Obeche ~ Pine ~ Tulipwood
Aluminium ~ Bali ~ Black ~ Circular and Oval ~ Driftwood ~ Gold ~ Mahogany ~ Plain Wood ~ Silver ~ Slips ~ Swept ~ Walnut ~ White

Mouldings ~ Mountboards ~ Glass

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