Block Mounts

There are a number of ways your artwork can be framed and using either a MDF Block Mounts or an Acrylic Block Mounts is an option. Both of them give the picture a distinctive appearance. You can choose from different sizes and this means you can hang them from a wall or place them on shelves, windowsills, coffee tables, desks, etc. They're equally wonderful as a gift to others.

Except for the mouldings, MDF Block Mounts and Framed MDF Block Mounts are constructed in the same way. Your picture is vacuum pressed to the front of the 18mm thick block and, in MDF Block Mounts, the edges are either black or white melamine laminate. Framed MDF Block Mounts has a gap between the mouldings and the block. The mouldings can be black or white; however it can be plain wood and vanished to your selection.

MDF Block Mount
(MDF Block Mount)
Framed MDF Block Mount
(Framed MDF Block Mount)

There are two types of Acrylic Block Mounts and in both cases they give a 3D and vibrant aura.

Acrylic Block Mount
(Acrylic Block Mount)
Magnetic Acrylic Block Mount
(Magnetic Acrylic Block Mount)

The table below has a first column which shows the sizes of the pictures; however the actual sizes of the blocks are slightly smaller. Once the image has been secured to the block it's then trimmed to the edge. This does show a perfect match and a wonderful display!

If the sizes shown don't equate to your picture, please contact us and state the measurements. We'll reply and, if available, state the price.

The prices below do include postage.

Sorry for the inconvenience, yet prices are being amended.

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